Our Team


Slavek Krolikiewicz

NaviPro Yachts Owner/President

Slavek started sailing at the age of 17 on Polish lakes and Baltic sea, and later worked in Greece on charter yachts. He has over 30,000 miles under the hull on the Baltic, North Sea , Aegean sea, Atlantic ocean and all Great Lakes. Slavek has a complete knowledge of yachts systems and holds the Canadian certification of "Limited Master" and the Polish certification of "Yacht Skipper". He has thorough experience in yacht building that gives his clients a unique advantage when buying or selling their boat. Slavek has a passion for yachts that is combined with a strong work ethic and outstanding customer service. He has many years of volunteer work with Polish Scouting. After coming to Canada, Slavek managed a Tim Horton's restaurant for a couple of years, and then he became a partner in one location. In 8 years he grew the business into 5 locations with 185 employees. In 2006 Slavek created NaviPro Yachts Inc., and in 2007 became the sole distributor of Delphia Yachts in North America and the Caribbean. In 2008, Slavek created Delphia Charters as one more tool to build the Delphia brand in Canada and the USA.